miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Wouldn't it be nice if your ipod 
could detect your mood and 
make a playlist for it?

 Watching a horror movie and
thinking: "nooo, don't kill
him! he's hot!"

That akward moment when you're
just being nice and the person
thinks you're flirting with them

 A few people need to realize that
facebook is a social networking
site, not a diary

 Did I ask you? no?
then shut the fuck up

 Those scenarios you make
up in your head when you
start to like somebody

 Getting a compliment on your
music taste is the best thing ever

just because I don't talk to
you, or text you first, doesn't
mean I don't miss you. I'm just 
waiting fopr you to miss me

There should be away of telling
people that their breath stinks
without  hurting their feelings
like "well I'm bored, let's go
brush our teeth!"

 Asking your parents a simple
yes or no question an end up
getting a lecture

 Saying "brb" to get out of a
really boring conversation

 I really don't want a birthday 
card. Just give me the $4 you
 would've spent on it.

 what I think about in math class:
50% the fuck is this?!
50% the fuck is that?!

 That akward moment when
 you're mad at someone,
 and they make you laugh

 Whenever I find out that my 
friends had gone somewhere
fun without me, I feel like 
 last slice of bread bag

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